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Our work began by listening. When our Executive Director, William Rogers, was young he listened to his Uncle. And this is the story he told.

Begin it now and then pop up some corn later and watch the rest as we share the full hour-long Emmy-nominated documentary with you.

My Uncle Joe

The Being

by Terrence Parker

Landscape Architect and Artist, Terrence Parker, found the knob of a buried piece of driftwood by the water’s edge. 28 years later he has released “The Being” as a cast bronze that preserves the form he found long ago for eons to come.

Terrence Parker’s Narrative on creating “The Being”
Our “Tone Poem” about “The Being”

We are honored to profile many people, organizations, businesses, dreams. Who we are is revealed by the stories we leave behind.

In late spring for the past 20 years on one day a thousand people gather as the k - 3 students take a tour of the village surrounding their school. In this profile we look at the deep learning and teaching that happens when many ages of students are embedded in the real history that fills their present day town.

Hike through History

We were pleased to assist Learning Matters who creates reports for the PBS News Hour. Working with cinematographer Sean Glenn we created pieces for the following clip that looks at the King Middle School in Portland, Maine.

Problem-Solving at the King Middle School

educate as we entertain. Doing both – connected – is what drives us. Gets us up in the morning.

learn as we play.

That's what sends us to Russia as the Berlin Wall falls. To the mountains as the sun rises and skiers face cold and ice. To the ocean to see how land is conserved, and sprawling development is replaced by new villages.

It's what brings us to hear and tell the story of people defined loosely by others as developmentally disabled and show how real people transcend such labels and move away from the walls that contain them. That's reality: people transcending limiting labels.

We are a non-profit organization which simply means we put our mission first. We educate people in the process of creating media featuring the relationship between people and their social and physical environments.

We have nothing against profits. We all make a living. Profits are one of the three pillars of sustainability

People Planet Profits

But what gets us going are stories of people on the edge.

This is our work. This is what moves us. Your stories. Reality.
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