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Day in the Life

A “Day in the Life” video allows other people to see inside of lives lived in real time. They allow us understand just how a day goes by in the life of an individual. The essence of this work is to catch what happens to people – the daily activities – and to see through those activities into the emotional life of the subject. It’s not only what happens, but it’s what life means as it occurs. Accidents, life events can be life altering and we can see just how that new life is constructed. In staying true to the facts of lives we can see through to how lives are felt and experienced.

Witness is what we do. We see and hear the truth of lives – in real time.

-from the Joe Rogers Awrd for Independence Profiles for Work, Inc.

Our observational films such as a “Day in the Life” are for a small and important audience. They are not for wide view, but for deep view. The sensitivity we bring to such work is seen in our other films that are publicly screened. Here is an example of our short work that a “Day in the Life” jumps from, where value is determined by the viewer.