The right tool for the right job.

Sometimes that's a crane with a broadcast camera on it to capture the scale and grandeur of a small town's Main Street.

And sometimes it's a camera the size of the palm of our hand to go places our large broadcast cameras would not go.

We've broadcast footage shot with a phone when the time, budget or pace of a production cannot afford a "better" camera. Because the best camera might just be the one you have.

The proper tools can be in a 10-wheel trailer with miles of cable and a switcher resembling a NASA mission control center. Or the best tools can be our laptop, connected live to the web and streaming 1, 2, 3 or more cameras for live HD production seen as it happens.

We've used them all to create value in media.

We find the range of tools exciting and enjoy the collaboration of a large creative and technically proficient crew, or the freedom of media engaged by only what can be carried in our pocket.

Our budgets and creative approaches reflect this range of sophisticated tools. We love to make them work.
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